About the Game

The life of a white blood cell ain't easy, especially when its home is being invaded by a humongous germ leading a horde of microorganisms set out to dominate the bloodstream!

As the last standing white blood cell, you must destroy this Mother-Microbe and the virulent army that it carries, using your bare fists and an assortment of power-ups and special attacks!

Basically, Plasma Puncher is all about punching amoebas into oblivion. To be more precise, it's an action-brawler set mostly in a single circular stage, where different and ever more challenging groups of enemies appear semi-randomly. The player must survive all the challenges while striving to destroy the huge sphere where all the action takes place!

Some key gameplay elements:

*Simple controls keep the action fluid, intuitive and straight to the point.

*Upgrade system where you can improve the hero in many ways and add new attacks to his arsenal, using the golden particles left by enemies when they're destroyed.

*A variety of devastating extra powers are activated whenever you collect the Power-Chromosome, a special item that can be collected during the fight.

*The game progresses through waves of enemies. Each wave has its own set of enemies, wich will be appearing randomly around the circular stage. New enemies will keep being introduced as the waves go on, requiring new strategies and approaches. Adapt, or you won't survive for very long!

*The objective is to destroy the big sphere you walk on. But you won't be able to damage it so easily! After dealing enough damage to its surface, you enter inside the Mother-Microbe, where you'll have to destroy its core in the ultimate showdown!

*Most of the action takes place in a single continuous stage, on top of the Mother-Bacteria. But the actual final battle will be inside it, in a different ambient with it's own set of challenges!

*Three Difficulty levels make the game approachable and engaging from newcomers/casuals to the most experienced players. Time Trial, Hardcore mode and Achievements are also present for those who want to go the extra mile!


About the Development

Plasma Puncher has being developed independently since the beginning of 2015, by two Brazilians:

*Eder Cardoso, founder of the studio Tomatotrap, the idealizer of the project and responsible for the game design and all the art and visuals. At the moment residing in Toronto,  Canada, where he juggles between his fulltime job as 3D Animator and the development and overall promotion of Plasma Puncher.

*Fred Lima, an independent collaborator responsible for the programming side and implementation on the Unity engine.
Besides working in Plasma Puncher, he also dedicates his time to his own personal game projects.

The PC version is very close to its completion, with release on Steam planned for MAY 11th, 2017.
We’re now just refining and polishing some details and getting rid of as many bugs as possible.

Versions for mobile (iOS and Android) were also in our minds, but due to the extended development for PC, they aredropped unless the game does well on Steam.  Publishing on consoles such as Switch is also something to consider... but again, only if it is somewhat successful for PC first.


Downloadable Material (Trailer and images):

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